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State College Pride Parade

Welcome to all things Parade related! 

Start time: 10AM

Please note that everyone is REQUIRED to pre-register for the parade. DEADLINE to register is June 1st. 

REGISTER via the appropriate tab in the drop down menu under State College Pride.


-If you are marching in a group ONE person will need to go to the registration table to check in and obtain your groups bracelets.

- Registration is open starting at 8:15 AM. Groups must be lined up on time to participate so please check in before 9;15AM.

-REGISTRATION TABLE: Located at Foster and Allen

- Wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and stay hydrated-bring a water bottle with you, we will also have water stations for you to refill at. We want you to enjoy the parade and festival!

- NO marchers are permitted to walk alongside vehicles or floats

- Vehicles, floats, and bikers will lead the parade with marchers following. 

- Please see map below for the route.

- If you have any questions or concerns please look for a volunteer wearing a light purple shirt.


- Please be at the State High Parking Lot by 8AM if you plan to decorate at the location. If you are coming decorated please arrive by 9AM for line up.

- Please register upon arrival at the table. If you have a group ONE person only will need to register your group and obtain the bracelets.

- There will be a water station so please especially bikers bring a water bottle with you so you can stay hydrated and enjoy participating!

- There is no one permitted to walk alongside cars/floats/bikes so please ask any marchers in your group to register at the marching table not at the high school.

- If you have any questions please ask a volunteer in a light purple shirt at the location.

- If you are tossing candy or goodies please make sure you toss it all the way to the crowd we do NOT want parade viewers coming into the street.

- Please see map below for the route.


Let's have a safe and super fun Parade!!!

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