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LGBTQ+ Trainings


Centre LGBTQA Support Network Diversity Training: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Expression


  • Introductions: Name/Gender identity

  • Being Authentic & Welcoming

  • Understanding Your Own Predispositions

  • Brief History

  • Human Sexuality is Complicated: The Genderbread Person

  • Do you know these terms: Exploring key vocabulary

  • What is and is not Transgender? 

  • A Deeper Understanding

  • Pronouns Are Important

  • Being an Ally

  • Keeping your Space Gender Neutral

  • Changing Perspectives

  • Resources

We recommend at least 90 minutes for this training which allows ample time for questions. To have us facilitate a training, we only request that you make a donation (preferably a minimum of $200) to Centre LGBTQA Support Network. You can donate here. We are able and happy to adjust the training as necessary to meet the needs or interest areas of your group. Please contact us if interested or with any questions.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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